Groups may choose one or two of the three dinners offered and one of the dessert choices. All meals will be served individually plated.

Tour Guides and/or Event Planners must submit to the General Manager Alan Hagedorn, the number and type of meals chosen (i.e. 20 chicken, 10 brisket, all will be served the same dessert) and choice of 2 sides from those listed, at least seven (7) days in advance of their scheduled reservation. Any change in number of guests must be made at least 2 (two) days before the event. Payment must be made by the Guide/Planner in one company check and/or credit card for the entire group at the time of the seating. Dietary restrictions submitted in advance will be considered and every effort will be made to allow for substitutions per the chef’s discretion.

Price includes tax and gratuity. Groups of 35 or more will receive a complimentary meal for the driver. All buses are required to park in the town assigned graveled bus area off of Van Buren Street. This parking space is just adjacent to the southern side of Tavern on the street running east/west behind the building. Additional parking is located at the Arrow Rock State Historic Site Visitor Center on Visitor Center Drive.

All members of the group are invited and encouraged to explore the museum portion of the Tavern (the summer kitchen on the main level and the Huston living quarters, guest room and ballroom upstairs), which are open for self-guided touring. Ask your server for more information.

Contact Alan Hagedorn at 660-837-3200 for additional information and to schedule your group's visit.

Call General Manager Alan Hegadorn at 660-837-3200 to receive specialized attention to your Group Menu needs.

Call General Manager Alan Hegadorn at 660-837-3200 to receive specialized attention to your Group Menu needs.

Talk to General Manager Alan Hagedorn about arranging a village tour for your group. For just $3 per group member, a professional Friends of Arrow Rock tour guide will step on your bus and share fascinating historical details about this village during a 30-minute, driving tour.

Let us help you plan your trip to Arrow Rock. We'll work with you on an itinerary that includes time for touring, shopping, dining and a show at the Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre. Contact General Manager Alan Hagedorn at 660-837-3200.